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Life Update

  • Health: Well, since last update, ulnar nerve entrapment has been confirmed at the elbow, and I’ve seen the specialist and am booked in for surgery on September 10th. Shouldn’t be a difficult procedure; probably an overnight stay in hospital after (perhaps discharge that day depending on how I pull up) and I should be able to go back to work a few days after depending on pain and swelling and stuff.

  • Blogging: For reasons unknown, tigtog and lauredhel over at Aussie Feminist Blog Hoyden About Town have graciously invited yours truly to join the author roster. Given my recently renewed desire to start blogging social justice again; I could hardly say no. So, provided I can get my brain to co-operate, you may see me blogging over there once in a while, I might even link a couple if I’m feeling mean.

  • Location, Location: Plans are well underfoot to secure things for Operation: Return to Brisbane. Things are on track for a return in early December. I am well pleased about this plan. I am growing weary of this cold and I miss my Brisbane peeps. I may have opportunity to return earlier, depending on secret squirrel discussions at work; but early December is the definite plan given Stephen has to finish out the semester.

And that’s pretty much me, at the moment. I’ve reached the point about the election where I am just holding my breath and continuing to be terrified that the people who told me, back when Tony Abbott became Opposition Leader, that he was unelectable and my fear was an overreaction, are going to be proven wrong in 14 days.

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Not for 'reasons unknown'! We like you, we like your voice, we think you say important stuff, and we took a gamble that you might appreciate taking turns on our little soapbox. Mostly, the process goes something like this:

Tigtog or lauredhel in chat: "Hey, what do you think of x? I like what sie says about y and z, and sie seems like a great fit."

Other person, tigtog or lauredhel in chat: "OMG I was totally JUST thinking the exact same thing! I was going to buzz you about it this week." [really - this happens more often than not]

First person: "Cool! Let's do it!"
Heh. Well, thankyou, I do appreciate it, once I get past my brain and its self-esteem crap. :)
Oh, I hear you. I have more than a touch of the impostor phenomenon meself...
Congratulations on your bloggingness.

Also, Yay we get a JenJen back!