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In Further Troubling Thoughts ...

Julia Gillard is from the actual socialist left faction of the ALP.

The lack of support for marriage equality, the hardline stance on asylum seekers, and the dogwhilsting about political correctness. This is coming from the Left faction of the ALP.

This thought today had me utterly fucking terrified. Because this is how we get dragged further to the Right. This is how Tony Fucking Abbott starts to look like the fucking Centre.

I am troubled, and despairing, and there's a weight in my chest that won't go away.

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brain twins -- i realised this today, myself, and got that feeling like my chest had an anvil attached to it. that pull in my heart and my ribs that hurts because i feel so fucking helpless, and my country is in the hands of fucking morons and i cannot do anything to stop this snowballing.

there aren't shades any more, and realising my next vote may be going to whatever i can determine to be the lesser of two evils physically disgusts me.

i can only cling to the hope that i'm going to publish my goddamn book, and get enough money together to go live as an expat writer in Vancouver, and Paris, in London and Dublin and Amsterdam for the rest of my life. i'm already ashamed of so many of the pieces that make up my country - soon it will be too much.

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Fucking sob.