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Anti-oppression Links Round-up

1. 13th Disability Blog Carnival is up at Ballastexistenz
2. 13th Carnival of Feminist Sci-Fi & Fantasy is up at Words from the Center, Words from the Edge.
3. KitKat's Critique has the 37th Carnival of Feminists
4. abyss2hope has the 22nd Carnival Against Sexual Violence

Crablaw has a great round-up of the posts for Take Back The Blog

Diary of a Goldfish rounds up the posts for Blogging Against Disablism Day

brownfemipower has some on-the-ground accounts of the police brutality in LA during the May Day rally. Video can be found here.

Lauredhel speaks about her experiences with chronic illness, and has something to say about disability that's not necessarily visible.

Kim reprises her post about, quite simply, what it's like to have one leg.

Amp has some notes about racism and masculinity in August Wilson’s Fences.

Amanda is a little more coherent than I was at the sight of this boggling image on a site promoting breast implants.

vegankid reposted an interview with Iraqi feminist Yanar Mohammed (I've linked to where the interview was originally published).

Kai dispells some of the myths about Iraqi society being driven by 'ancient tribal rivalries', motivated by the news that Iraqi blogger Riverbend has decided to leave Iraq.

Pam reminds us that terrorists aren't just 'those brown folk over there'.

brownfemipower unpacks the US immigration debate and its links to the war on terror and labour rights.

Lauredhel also has a great link to her recent paper: Hearing Women's Voices - Digital Communities and Feminist Ethics, which hits my fascination with Carol Gilligan buttons.

In other scholarly feminist news, S&F Online's current issue is dedicated to Blogging Feminism. Some interesting stuff to chew on from some familar names in the feminist blogworld.

Also, the first issue of Cerise Magazine, is out from women gamers community The IRIS Network.

The Angry Black Woman has some ideas on promoting diversity in fiction markets.

In her Open Letter to Mrs. JV and Those Two Asian Girls on "The View", Jenn expresses some understandable frustration at the latest in the all-too-faminilar line of POC who run around excusing white folks' racist shit.

Over at Afrospear, Sylvia starts a great discussion about black-on-black crime, the moral panic about hip-hop's effects on the black community and paternalism.

Rachel gets some interesting race-relations insights from her partner's 7 year old.

Jill explores the implications of truly informed consent regarding women's reproductive choices, which is much more comprehensive than making women pay to have an ultrasound before they can have an abortion. It's also worth noting that the ultrasound for early pregnancies would mostly be transvaginal, which involves actually inserting a wand into the vagina (wheee, forcing that on "those abortion sluts" isn't creepy at all, and it certainly isn't telling of what the real purpose is).

Jill also reminds us that the forced-pregnancy crowd are hardly about babies - South Carolina is a shining example of just how that isn't true.

Queensland Senator Andrew Bartlett takes a look at what supporting out troops really means - there's been similar discussion in US blogs in recent years, but Andrew takes a look at the Australian context.

FireFly has some interesting thoughts on how social circumstances create distinctive characteristics of sexual harassment, and some discussion of the Richard Gere - Shilpa Shetty incident.

Marcella takes a look at wrongful convictions and acquittals not just in the view of justice but in the context of the risks created by making convictions even more difficult for crimes where perpetrators are actually quite unlikely to be convicted.

JoAnne points out that most warnings to women about rape are warning them about the wrong things.

Ilyka points out the problem with being condescending to young women, and I must admit, I'm also less than impressed with a 28 year old feminist blogger acting like she has to have some skinny white chick's bare torso on her book cover because otherwise young women won't care about feminism.
Edit - I owe Jessica an apology, here. It seems the cover was another case of publisher giving her a bunch of shitty options, and whilst I'm still unimpressed with the "no young woman" comment, it's a much better idea to get cranky at the industry that pushes this "we need sexy images on feminist books if we want young women to buy them" shite, rather than new feminist authors who get put in a hard place. Sorry, Jessica.

Luke discusses violence and ill-treatment of women, and how it's dealt with when the perpetrators are famous sportspeople.