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Anti-oppression Links Round-up

1. The 31st Carnival of Feminists; so awesome that it needs two parts, is up at Truly Outrageous: Part One and Part Two
2. Medical Humanities hosts the 8th Disability Blog Carnival.
3. 15th Carnival of Bent Attractions is up at Queercents

Also, the beginning of a Carnival; Taking Place has a post about the new Ourstory Carnival, the first edition of which will be posted on Feb 24th.

As an aside to her series on The Gaming Beauty Myth, tekanji at Shrub takes a deeper look into femininity.
On a related note, riffing off another awesome post, belladame at Fetch Me My Axe hosts an interesting discussion about femininity and gender.
emily at Sexual Ambiguities also has a discussion about femme aesthetics, the need to consider gender performance and one's twist on hetero-gender if one is claiming to be reimagining gender, and considers that twist in the context of being queer.

Also at Shrub, yours truly is unimpressed with the latest Australian federal government report on childcare, wherein Treasury pretends there isn't a problem, and classism abounds with bad data interpretation

Amanda at Pandagon takes a look at the evolution of 'ladmags', from Playboy to Maxim.

Pandagon's taken on some new posters, since Amanda has taken on a position to run the campaign blog for John Edwards' presidential campaign, so in that spirit, Chris Clarke has a post about respecting the religious non/beliefs of others. Hugo has more at his place, from a Christian perspective.

And whilst I don't really want to give too much air to the right-wing witch-hunt that went on with regards to Amanda and Melissa of Shakespeare's Sister, Ilyka, also posting at Pandagon, riffs off some of the response to the whole debacle in her consideration about blogging and sounding human in the world of political commentary.

A columnist at the New York Post points out the obvious lessons from the Lisa Novak case. Where "obvious lessons" = "misogynistic crap". zuzu has a good discussion of the article at Feministe.

little light's girlfriend provides some discussion of the parallels between anorexia and addiction.

And yeah, I didn't post anything about the transbigotry that exploded last month (or whenever it was). But, in light of a recent case in Vancouver, earlbecke at definition has a great post about the gender essentialism that underpins this idea that transwomen aren't really women and have no place in women's spaces.

In more local news, Suki has a brief post about our lovely (in all those ways that aren't, really) Prime Minister, who stuck his foot in it by claiming that Al-Qaida would be praying for Barack Obama and the Democrats to win the 2008 election, whilst displaying his ignorance of the election process.

MaggieCat at The Hathor Legacy is much more eloquent than me about the trainwreck that was last week's episode of Studio 60 (The Harriet Dinner Part II).

P. M. McRae at Girl-Wonder blog Take Back the Knight has a couple of radical statements about sex, women and comics.

Also at Girl-Wonder, we have the launch of a new blog, Inside Out from Rachel Ediden, assistant editor for Dark Horse Comics.
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